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Will I be rich? - The answer is on your palm

Signs you can become rich

First i want to say that "Rich" is a very subjective term. Starving man will feel rich if he gets another meal, while a billionaire doesn't feel rich if he gets another million to his account.

So in this blog we will focus on two things - Your potential to earn money , and your talent to keep your money, if you don't have any of this signs it doesn't mean you will not be rich, but people with those signs have high potential to make and keep good wealth 

 money signs on your palm


(Sign 1 )Your Destiny line: If your destiny line is clear and deep, it means you know how to earn money , it can be career, or business but you are a hard working person - "an achiever" This is a good career sign, but it is not enough to make you rich so you have to check other signs as well (some people don't have this line at all and that's o.k - not all of us want to make career)

(Sign 2 )Second line is your Head line: Ideally head line should be clear without any islands or broken lines, head line of a pragmatic person that have good potential to earn money is a straight head line - straight head line means you are a rational person "a computer head"  If your head line has a small "branch" (sign  3) heading towards the Mercury hill (sign 7) it indicates you have the ability to clearly see opportunities for earning where they are not seen by everyone else. 

(Sign 4) Mercury line - This is your health line some people don't have mercury line (it doesn't say anything bad about your health) Intersection between the Head Line, Mercury line and Destiny line might form a triangle. In palmistry it is called "MONEY TRIANGLE".  This signs is accepted by all palm readers as a very important and significant sign when analyzing person potential to make money. A well expressed triangle is a good sign , If the triangle is clear and even without any broken lines this is a very good sign, however this is a rare case - usually triangle has open corners

  • If the open corner is corner between (2,1) head line and destiny line - you work hard for your money, you also tend not to respect yourself and charge much less than you deserve for your work

  • If the open corner is mercury line and destiny line(4,1) You tend to spend a lot of money on your life - on yourself or on your family.

  • If the open corner is corner between head line and mercury line (2,4) it means you have problems to invest your money properly, you make money but you can't find any way to keep it in your pockets - this sign is a "spender" sign 

What to do when the Triangle of Money does not exist at all, and primarily because of the lack of a Mercury line? If the other lines on the palm are clear, then you can rejoice - this means complete financial independence. You are not a self-serving person and at the same time you completely manage the cash flow, you can earn as much as you need. If the line of the Head is weak, thin, torn and sinuous, it remains to be consoled by the saying "Money doesn't buy happiness "

Can a person live safely without knowing how to earn money? Of course! How Wealthy our life will be is determined by Indian palm readers after watching the  "grain of wheat". Or "phala-rekha" in Sanskrit. The wheat line (8) is on the fold of the first and second phalanges of the thumb. If the "grain" is large and well-defined, life will pass without material difficulties, it will be happy and full.

Triangles of Money can also be found on the line of Life (9) on the inside. They are formed by additional lines. These are the so-called Easy Money triangles (10). They are not so common but they appear when you are expected to get money without any effort, like winning the lottery, or find money on the street


Never forget - that money will not make you happy

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  • May 18, 2017
  • TwilightRaven Admin
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