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Your Finger shape and what does it say about you

Finger shape - personality analysis

Palm reading will always start with your hand shape analysis

In this blog  i will explain how to determine 3 most common finger shapes

and what every shape will reveal about your personality

*some hands are mix of two shapes and they are combination of personality

  the more your finger tends to any shape the stronger this personality describes you

First shape is a square shape :

This finger will have a rectangular nail (sometimes even wider at the end) and the finger tip is straight 

I call this person "The Realist" This person will tend to :

  • Hide your feelings and emotions to the outside , while you can be very emotional on the inside

  • You tend to portray yourself as calm, independent and strong even if it is not so

  • Straight forward person - you prefer honesty and hate lies

  • You are helpful, kind hearted with good sense of humor

  • It takes time for you to open to other, you might be distant and cold at the beginning but when people get to know you , you become open and warm

  • You are very rational person, you tend to calculate everything

  • People with this hand are good engineers, economist, managers


Second shape is pointed "conic" hand:


 This finger tends to narrow at the finger tip, the nail has more of an oval shape - usually the fingers will be long (but not always) 

I call this person "The Artist" This person tends to:

  • Very sensitive type on the inside - some times you protect yourself by playing some one you are not but on the inside you are very sensitive

  • you know how to admire real beauty

  • your passion is to create and to dream but you have to control yourself in order to act , usually you don't like to manage others

  • sometimes you tend to leave it up to others to make decisions

  • Once you make up your mind - you almost always will finish the task

  • People with this hand are great artists, musicians, anything that requires good imagination you are the best for this task

Third shape is the "knotted" finger:

This finger is recognized not by the nail shape but by the finger sections shapes - they tend to be wider at their center - so the finger looks like two knots. I call a person with this finger "The Thinker" This person tends to:

  • You are a peace maker - harmony is very important for you

  • You want every body to be happy and you always tend to care about global problems - how to solve starvation in Africa

  • When it comes to other people’s opinions you are respectful and you don’t like to play pretend

  • You forgive easily

  • This finger type specially combined with conic nail shape - is very good for social workers, for teacher, community workers, pastors


This was only the basic description 

Palmistry requires deep investigation - many people have 2 or even 3 different shapes on one hand, and shape of every finger should be analyzed according to what this finger stands for (next blog)

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Comment bellow with any question - we on will try to answer

P.S My English is not perfect so do not hesitate to fix my errors in comments

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  • May 10, 2017
  • TwilightRaven Admin
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May 10, 2017

It was very Interesting