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Fortune Telling

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English version rider tarot deck The Rider-Waite tarot deck (originally published 1910) is one of the most popular tarot decks in use today in the English-speaking world. Other suggested names for this deck include the Rider-Waite-Smith, Waite-Smith, Waite-Colman Smith or simply the Rider deck. Get your own deck of cards and use them as guidance to better future!


Ask your pendulum chart A-Z full chart that will help you to communicate with your pendulumDoes not require advanced skills and can be used by novice-Just hold your pendulum on top of the chart-ask a question-and let the pendulum answer You can purchase crystal pendulums in our store as well


Crystal stone pendulum This pendulum is great for the "Ask Me Pendulum" RoutineChoose the crystal you connect the most withHold the pendulum on top of the A-Z chart and ask your questionsHere are some stone charachteristics Carnelian - useful in making decisions by keeping us focused Garnet - protective Talisman Amethyst - strong healing powers Amazonite - helpful in clearing energy Rose Quartz - accept...


Chinese Zodiac Figures Key chain Wood Carved KeyRing with Chineese totem animals representing each yearVery unique key chains for protection and luck The Chinese zodiac is a classification scheme that assigns an animal and its reputed attributes to each year in a repeating 12-year cycle Use this chart to find your totem year

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"Animal Tarot" Board Game 78 PCS/Set New Design Cards Game Chinese/English Edition Tarot deck

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Golden Playing Cards Deck PVC cards are water proof , easy to play withThe cards can be used for games or for future telling rituals Spirits love golden color

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3X Magnifier Desktop glass with led lamp Great accessory for palmistry - it will allow you to see the small lines of your handand better understand the destiny written on your handsPut your hand under the glass and read the story your hands are trying to tell youWe construct our own future - Palmistry can be used a a guide...


Ceramic Beaded Charm BraceletCeramic beads with your personal horoscope signWear your sign wherever you go - and starts will guide your fortune Size - 17cm - 6.7"

Fortune Telling

Fortune-telling is the practice of predicting information about a person's life.

Common methods used for future telling in Europe and the Americas include Astrology, Pendulum reading, Spirit board reading, Cartomancy (fortune telling with cards), Tarot reading, Crystallomancy (reading of crystal spheres), and Chiromancy (palmistry, palm reading).

Twilight Raven will provide you with all the required accessories for these methods. The accessories are appropriate for novices through to advanced practitioners.