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About US

This is the story of the Twilight Raven

Welcome to Twilight Raven Mystic Shop, the sacred store of spiritual and mystic items we collect from all over the world.

The story :

After participating in a meditation routine for the first time I learned the ability to silence my mind in the face of everyday troubles. So I decided to dive into the spiritual world and see what else i can find.

meditation twilight raven

My first stop was a Vipassana meditation course, which allowed me to learn more about meditation, cleanse my body, and practice the art of silence.

After that i decided to investigate what other secrets my body can reveal.

twilight raven palmistry

My Second stop was Palmistry, wehre I learned the basics of this art. It allowed my to read the map of my hand and use this knowledge for future guidance. I am still learning every day

This website is a combination of my spiritual domain - expressed through meditation and crystal healing) and the domain of telling the future (through astrology, palmistry, pendulums, and spirit contact).

To bring these domains together, we contact suppliers all around the world searching for accessories people can use in their quests for knowledge.

Every time you come to Twilight Raven, you will find more amazing items to help you in your individual search for spiritual guidance.



The raven is my totem animal. Meditation helped me find it.